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of Gustav Ritter von Kahr. The 12-Year Reich: A Social History of Nazi Germany. The state parliaments and the Reichsrat (federal upper house) were abolished in January 1934, with all state powers being transferred to the central government. Persecution of Jews Further information: Anti-Jewish legislation in prewar Nazi Germany Discrimination against Jews began immediately after the seizure of power. Under threat of invasion by sea, Lithuania surrendered the Memel district in March 1939. See also References Explanatory notes On, Reichsinnenminister Wilhelm Frick, the Interior Minister, ordered that the Horst-Wessel-Lied be played right after the standing national anthem Das Lied der Deutschen, better known as Deutschland Über Alles. The Germanic peoples were considered by the Nazis to be the master race, the purest branch of the Aryan race. New York: Penguin Books. Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics. The Green and the Brown: A History of Conservation in Nazi Germany.

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Many were casualties of Allied bombing, as they received poor air raid protection. Later Catholic protests included the pastoral letter by the German bishops on "The Struggle against Christianity and the Church". The White Rose resistance group was primarily active in 194243, and many of its members were arrested or executed, with the final arrests taking place in 1944. The Nazi regime abolished the symbols of the Weimar Republicincluding the black, red, and gold tricolour flag and adopted reworked symbolism. Radicalisation of the Persecution of the Jews by Hitler at the Turn of the Year 19411942. A new organisation, the German Labour Front, was created and placed under nsdap functionary Robert Ley. In Germany, rations were cut in 1942. G Hitler intended to eventually incorporate many of these areas into the Reich. The estimates at end of the war put the total death toll at around 220,000, which equalled approximately 25 percent of the Romani population in Europe.

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